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Povratak na naslovnicu

There were 275 authors from 43 countries, who sent more than 568 artworks to the 8th international festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2003.

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From the catalogue:

"...The cartoon is also an excellent spiritual exercise for those "who know more and see better", it is the simplest conspiratorial message to those who are confused and lost in the chaos of contradictory and disturbing information. This is why, the sight directed at this exhibit makes us conclude something very important: no matter how rightfully cartoonists resist to show that since the first fires to the sophisticated computer, men's struggle to imagine and preserve his human home is the same, the progress is visible. It is very often complicated, discrete and overwhelmed. But it is definitive. In it you can see the smile of cartoonists."
Joško Marušić


According to the regulations (main theme of the festival was TECHNOLOGY), the following prizes were decided upon the jury:

  GOLDEN MEDAL: Florian Doru Crihana (Romania)   Florian Doru Crihana (Romania)

  SILVER MEDAL: Nik Titanik (Croatia)   Nik Titanik (Croatia)

  BRONZE MEDAL: Jurij Kosobukin (Ukraine)   Jurij Kosobukin (Ukraine)

   the JURY

Srećko Puntarić-Felix
President of the jury, cartoonist
Antun Krešimir Buterin
Editor of the humoristic section of weekly newspapers Vjesnik
Davor Trgovčević
Stanko Špoljarić
Art historian
Milan Lekić

   PHOTOS from the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony and the exhibition took place on the 30th of June 2003 in the City Hall

Silver medal for Nik Titanik

President Saric gives an opening speech

Performance of our poet Josip Cosic Agramer

Saric congratulates Nik

Nik thanks to all

Agramer is shaking Nik

Oto the walking legend receives Oskarika prize

Nik Titanik with his biggest fans

Traditional dinner for members of the Croatian Cartoonists Association took place in Bachvica Restaurant


Our presidente

Susie, Nik Titanik's muse

Puya is waiting for food

Show-time begins

Lex and Mrs.Lex

Paha, our sexual maniac

Filipan notices that Dajka is coming


Mrs.Felix and Mrs.Djurdja

Young forces of HDK, Q and Lec


I am Dajka, who the hell are you?!


Our good man Hega

Lex's impression of Dajka


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